Meet Cheslie Beaver

This entry kicks off a new series where WVCAN is bringing recognition to everyday heroes throughout the state. Each week through the end of the year, we’ll be highlighting a different team member – CAC staff or allied professional working with a center – who is a hero to us and the kids they serve.


Meet Chelsie Beaver. She’s the CAC Coordinator and Forensic Interviewer at Tri-County Child Advocacy Center covering Nicholas and Webster Counties. Chelsie has been in this field for four years.

What drew you to this work? I went to college at Fairmont State University and in my senior year, I had to take a practicum course where we had to do internship hours in the community. I was lucky enough to meet Mike (Baker) with the Marion County CAC, and he allowed me to intern there for a semester. That’s how I got into the work. It really resonated with me working with the children and families.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? As terrible as things are we encounter in this work, after I speak to the kids, I know it’s the moment the abuse can stop. When the kids thank me for listening to them, it always pulls at your heartstrings.

Can you share a de-identified story about a child who inspired you? There was a boy in recently that we interviewed, and from birth to now he’s had a rough, rough life. I interviewed him for 2 ½ hours with some breaks taken, and he was so resilient. It’s all he’s ever known. He was a little adult, and that made me so sad for him, but also gave me hope for him. He’s going to be okay. With the right support system, he’s going to make it. That’s important to see in the mix of all the trauma that we get.

What’s the best thing about working as a multidisciplinary team on child abuse investigations? The best thing is the bond that you create with your team. Unless you work in this environment, it’s hard for people to understand it. We’re a very close team.

Best stress relief. Reading to decompress

Favorite vacation spot. Home

If you could binge watch something this weekend, what is it? Game of Thrones – I just started watching it with my husband, around the Cubs baseball schedule

Favorite pizza toppings. I actually don’t eat pizza – I’m vegan

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