Meet Patty Saunders

This entry is part of a new series where WVCAN is bringing recognition to everyday heroes throughout the state. Each week through the end of the year, we’ll be highlighting a different team member – CAC staff or allied professional working with a center – who is a hero to us and the kids they serve.


Meet Patty Saunders. Patty is the Program Coordinator/Forensic Interviewer for Harrison County Child Advocacy Center and has been in the field for three years.

What drew you to this work? I started working with the “Talk about Touching” school-based program with the child advocacy center and had done interviewing and assessments before with another organization.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? It’s never the same thing over and over – it’s unpredictable.

Tell me what an average work day looks like. Each day is so different. I do interviews, I’m in court or preparing for court, doing school programs, or meeting with team members.

What keeps you up at night? Work does (or my husband’s snoring).

What motivates you? Teamwork

What’s the best thing about working as a multidisciplinary team on child abuse investigations? The different points of view. Sometimes we can become closed-minded on things, but when you bring people with different specialties to the table, they open your mind to different ideas. Sometimes you can have law enforcement look at things a certain way, but you have a CPS worker, medical professional, or counselor look at things totally different, and it brings people back to look at the whole picture.

Best stress relief. Riding my motorcycle

Favorite vacation spot. I can have fun anywhere

Favorite childhood memory. Making hay – the family came together then. And that’s my favorite smell – hay!

If you could binge watch something this weekend, what is it? Hallmark movies

Favorite pizza toppings. Pineapple, ham, and pepperoni

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