Meet Terry Long

This entry is part of a new series where WVCAN is bringing recognition to everyday heroes throughout the state. Each week through the end of the year, we’ll be highlighting a different team member – CAC staff or allied professional working with a center – who is a hero to us and the kids they serve.


Meet Terry Long. Terry is an Investigator with the Wetzel County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office. He is a team member with The Lighthouse Child Advocacy Center and has been in the field for 19 years.

What drew you to this work? I started as a deputy – one of two officers investigating sexual assault cases. I saw what the victims were going through.

What’s your favorite thing about your job? Occasionally getting to help folks who have been done wrong – and seeing justice served.

Can you share a de-identified story about a child who inspired you? We had a case not too long ago where a girl was assaulted by her grandfather. Her mother was very upset, but the little girl who went through all this trauma was consoling her mother and wanted everyone else to feel OK. It’s amazing how resilient children are.

What keeps you up at night? Unfortunately, as an officer I’ve seen stuff. I worry about the victims and if the defendant gets out of jail or if the defendant looks up former victims. These things are out of your control.

What motivates you? Trying to help people and getting them justice.

What’s the best thing about working as a multidisciplinary team on child abuse investigations? Coming from where I used to be as a deputy in 1998, it was just you and a CPS worker. Now with a team, the additional input can help you connect the dots. The more heads you have going at something, the better.

Best stress relief. Working on cars

Favorite vacation spot. Any stream or mountain

Favorite childhood memory. Riding go-carts and motorcycles – good times

One gadget you can’t live without. Ratchet

If you could binge watch something this weekend, what is it? Bitchin’ Rides

Favorite pizza toppings. Mushrooms, sausage, kielbasa, lots of cheese – and it has to be on gluten-free bread.


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